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This decision went hand in hand with a multi-party agreement to give all registered voters the opportunity to vote by mail or withdraw one at an early stage, as reported by the Louisville Courier Journal. Under U.S. law, borrowing explicitly refers to a formal written agreement by which a person undertakes to perform a particular act (for example. B to appear before a court or fulfill the obligations of a contract). Failure to perform the act requires the person to pay a sum of money or to pay money on bail. As a general rule, a guarantee is involved and the loan makes security responsible for the consequences of the committed person`s behaviour. Bonds are often given to persons suspected of having committed a crime («The accused was released on a $10,000 loan»), but anyone who is required to make a bond may be required to give a loan. Another known application of the conventions is in law and politics, where it is used as a term for an agreement between two or more groups (as countries or political organizations) to regulate issues that concern everyone, for example the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. There are also the Geneva Conventions, a series of four international conventions (1864, 1906, 1929, 1949), which were signed in Geneva, Switzerland, which defined the humanitarian principles by which signatory states must treat military and civilian nationals of an enemy in times of war. legally a written legal agreement between two persons or companies that says what each should do for the other or give the other an agreement informally or not expressed in terms of agreement appears in ancient English with the meaning of «reconciling» or «reconciling» that was borrowed by its Anglo-French Etymon, acorder, a word in reference to Latin Concorde which means «consent». This original sense of concordance is transitory, and in modern English it still occurs, but rarely.

His transitory sense of «giving or giving accordingly, whether due or deserved» – as in «The Teacher`s Students Pay Tribute to Them» – is more often encountered. The mention of Mege led them all to an agreement, because they hated him unanimously. The good news is that in August, California reached an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to intensify these efforts, with the goal of treating one million hectares per year for the next two decades.