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Builder Landowner Agreement

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In each real estate development project, there are several permits to acquire and different laws, rules and regulations that must be respected. It is important that the agreement mentions which party is responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations. In such a joint venture, it is usually the owner who acquires all the necessary permissions. 2. The owner has the right to establish the planning plan for the construction projected on the land on the land, which is approved by the company and the town planning and planning of the land on behalf of the landowners. All costs of preparing and sanctioning the card to be supported by Builder Party No. 2. At the end of the project, the units received and not sold by the owner of the land will be given to him. The deposit filed by the owner will be refunded.

The owner and owner of the land will facilitate the creation of an association of owners and, after the establishment of such an association, the title documents of the land will be given to the association. Hybrid agreements are increasingly being used by home builders and their agents to convince landowners that they are getting the «best of both worlds.» The arguments are that they have the advantage of a large home builder (ensuring confidence in delivery) and at the same time maintaining an interest orientation by the hybrid nature of the documents. The theory is that the hybrid agreement is based on a transport agreement with the manufacturer and then has the right to develop some of the land. Ideally, when a person develops the country in terms of legal responsibilities, it is the developer who bears the burden of obtaining all building permits and complying with the legal requirements in the development of the project. To do so, the landowner executes a registered power of attorney in favour of the developer, which authorizes him to go to the authorities and apply for permissions on behalf of the first company. For example, once a landowner is powerful to the owner, then the owner can simply, as a broker of the landowner, ask the municipal agency for the building permit, the fire department for the fires and the real estate authority for reRA registration. I want to understand whether the sharing agreement above should be registered or not. and what can be with the unregured sharing agreement. I`m buying an apartment from the owner. The joint development contract between the owner and the landowners is registered, but the sharing agreement between the parties is not registered.