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You can also work with other community groups to help refugees as part of your agreement. You remain responsible for emotional and financial assistance to refugees. These groups are called «constituent groups.» Sponsorship processes often change and many experts and supporters find it difficult to keep up. Here are some good places to get the latest news and context on sponsorship: On March 30, 2020, we updated the application process for sponsorship holders. You have until June 30, 2020 to apply. Many organizations have signed sponsorship agreements with the Canadian government to help foreign refugees resettle in Canada. These organizations are called sponsorship contract holders. They can help refugees themselves or work with other members of the community to help refugees. Are you outside of Canada and want to learn more about the private sponsorship model? The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative shares Canada`s history, experience and leadership in private sponsorship and helps governments and civil society in other countries develop new sponsorship programs that meet their unique context and needs. The useful travel guide is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. As part of a private sponsorship, the support group has direct knowledge of certain refugees or families abroad who have been alerted to them.

Individuals who qualify as refugees in the following two classes can be sponsored under the SRS program: the SAHs assume overall responsibility and responsibility for managing sponsorships as part of their agreement. HSAs may allow other community groups to assist refugees as part of their agreements. The toolkit is a practical resource created by the Canadian Council for Refugees to provide information on private sponsorships of refugees across Canada. It includes: This introduction to private sponsorship of RSTP is an excellent starting point, followed by this extensive FAQ page. The sponsorship area of immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is also very detailed. Canada is the world leader in private sponsorship for refugees. Find out how it works and connect to important resources in Ottawa and beyond. By signing the sponsorship agreement, an SAH is legally liable, but is not limited to the following: OCISO provides G5 sponsorship groups with information on eligibility options, criteria and conditions, as well as application closure instructions. As a billing agency, OCISO also provides pre-arrival information on the billing process and advice and guidance after arrival.

OCISO is working with the Canadian Council for Refugees to provide sponsorship fund increases for eligible private G5 sponsorship groups, and OCISO also compensates, where possible, sponsorship groups with identified refugee families. Currently, family-related cases go far beyond the interested groups. OCISO is a non-sectarian agency that serves sponsors and refugees of all faiths and parts of the world. SAHs may allow other community groups to assist refugees as part of their agreements.